The breakdown

Superfoods like how?

Ok, some real talk - the term superfood is not a legal or medical definition, but does that make it just a buzzword? Not even. It's the only word that can be used to describe especially nutrient dense foods packing the antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals essential for optimal health and wellness (wellth). The kind we use in our blends are the special extras with a  magic cherry on top kinda vibe. Supers like berries from the Amazon, root plants from Central America, seeds from the Aztecs – stuff that sounds like unicorn dust, but it's really just bonafide mother nature goodness with unbelievable potency. When your body is fuelled from nourishing plantbased wholefoods it functions on another level and more readily releases the toxins and bad stuff,  leaving you feeling energised, renewed and vibrantly healthy.

And there's protein too?

Yup, all our superblends include plantbased proteins sourced from pea & hemp. This isn't the crazy meathead synthetic stuff. This is the 100% vegan natural organic skinfood that keeps you feeling satiated and burning fat.


Adaptogens. They help your body, help itself – make sense? Just as the name suggests, they literally help your body adapt to potential threats, meaning they reduce stress within the body by enabling you to cope with it better. Magic, right?

So which superblend is the one for me?

More real talk. They all do what the name implies, but these are supers yo. So whilst we've got your back with specifically formulated and unique blends to lift your mood, benefit your skin, increase your energy, or fill you with antioxidants, actually, the benefits of these amazing supers are so broad, no blend is the wrong choice. All of them are protein, vitamin and mineral packed, so you'll build and maintain healthy muscle mass, as well as nourish yourself with seriously nutrient-rich ingredients. It's either down to which you need more in your life, or which you prefer the taste of. They're all delicious, but if you're struggling to decide why not go for the taster gang - zero fomo.